Meet Sara

Sara Rivera is a registered dietitian, mother to two small children, wife, author, and small business owner whose calling in life is to help her client's live healthy, fulfilling lives through proper nutrition and positive lifestyle modifications. Sara has a holistic approach to nutrition where she believes most conventional food (provided by the big food industries) should seriously be banned from our food supply. Sara founded Whole Nutrition Center to help you find freedom from chronic health conditions and harmful fad dieting by developing & preparing tailored nutrition plans to meet your individual needs. Sara has worked with hundreds of clients and provides them with realistic solutions and nutrition plans consisting of real, whole foods- the way nature intended to feed us! She specializes in weight loss, disease prevention, bariatric surgery, diabetes, hypertension, diabetes, digestive issues, pregnancy and postpartum, and pediatrics. Sara believes in the power of mindful eating and that discovering healthy relationships with food can truly allow you to transform your lifestyle and wellbeing.

"I have been seeing Sara for 3 months and find her to have the answers to all my questions and concerns.

Her disposition is so uplifting and encouraging. She keeps me from giving up and keeps me looking forward to our next session. Always thrilled with her suggestions that work for me.

It was so hard for me to lose weight for all my life and i have finally started to consistently lose weight because of her, after dozens of other dietitians and nutritionists did not give me what I needed.

I know I will be able to live a healthier life, maintain sustainable eating habits, make good choices and understand what to eat and what to avoid because of her educating me on food and wellness. She makes it interesting and enjoyable to plan what I will eat. She makes me feel good about myself and my healthy happy future. She offers much more than a diet" - MO.

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